Sunday, August 23, 2009


Picture: Arricam LT 35mm - FUJI 400 Eterna (under exposed by 2 stops) - Arri Master Primes (Jan Rubens full lens set) - T1.3 - 1/60 - 25fps and 75fps
Grading: HD Grading done on a Discreet Luster system at Studio l'Equipe by Olivier Ogneux
Location: Shoot was held at the cosy Slachthuislaan in Antwerp. A sick puppy directed it, the veggie actor wore his own pull-over,  the whabbit nagged about 
                     looking fat in his hand-knitted pull and Jimmy ,the drummer, was laughing during the 3 weeks of  principal photography. Label didn't like it, so we 
                     had to cut like 98% of everything that was shot (yes, that includes the raping scenes of the virgin ponies, but we were lucky  to keep the 
                     cutting of the pony's fur-part instead) . What a horrible shoot. (Sorry for the bad image compression, could be better here once it's uploaded)