Monday, February 27, 2012


I just received this marvel...

Editor's info:

"THE AMERICANS, 81 contact sheets"

I produced Contact Sheets based on the original which was contributed by Mr. Frank and held in National Gallery of Art. The size is A2 (51.4 x 41.9 cm) and is bound by Mr. Kohei Sugiura.

Mr. Shino Kuraishi who is an old acquaintance of Mr. Frank and also was a curator of Yokohama Museum of Art wrote 24 pages of “Robert Frank Quotes” and “Sheet by Sheet information”. This is attached as a separate volume both in English and Japanese.

While “THE AMERICANS” consists of 83 works, there are 2 sheets of printing 2 works (used in photo collection) in one sheet, and thus total number of sheets is 81.

These are stored in a paulownia box, and its size (packed) is 66.8 x 58.0 cm.